Cigarettes on the Floor Mat

from by Eliethel



Closed in my bedroom
And I'm alone
Burning like hell
Cigarettes on the floor mat
Clothes on the bedroom floor
And I know
I'm fooling myself that you're here
Close by

- Everything that you said lost its meaning
Every word, every thought burns to nothing at all
- Anything you might say just spreads your ashes all around me
- Everything that you scarred me with
I don't know if it is here anymore

I guaranteed that I'd make it through
I needed time to get over you
But since time seems to be running out
I'm rushing things by lying low

Now, when I see this some other way
I try to fix it but then I say, fool
You wrecked my score - be
Off with you
Cause you don't know what you do

Everything that I felt wasn't worth it
Cigarettes on the floor mat is all, anymore
How can I heal my heart while my heartbeat
Is skipping beats
For all the days I've lost
Wasting precious time
Running after you

I guarantee you won't make it through
You had a way to stick up for you
But it is making you lose your head
So I will beat you to the draw

You may be looking the other way
But I am able to see right through you
What’s in store? - I'm
Done with you
You really know that it's true


from Ding Dong, released April 25, 2011




Eliethel Greece

"Forget me not in your dreams tonight
I'll be here in this Emerald Cityscape"

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