Everything's Fine

from by Eliethel



Does it make you sad
to lose your faith again
to lose your everything
and live in oceans

Does it bring you down
from where you had been flying
and now you start the lyin’
and hide emotions

Does it feel so bad
that makes you curl within
and burn your every dream
that kept you alive

Do you erase it all
those things that held your chains
No ashes, no remains
for whom to strive

Now you can play your role
You’re stronger than before
They’ll think it’s fine
Everything’s fine

Do you wish you had
another chance to chose
so you could never lose
your favorite sight

Do you change your mind
and fall asleep alone
you turn your heart to stone
and win the fight

Does it hurt so bad
that makes you close inside
you block your tears and hide
your true emotions


from Ding Dong, released April 25, 2011




Eliethel Greece

"Forget me not in your dreams tonight
I'll be here in this Emerald Cityscape"

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