In Vague

from by Eliethel



How many times have we tried to understand what's wrong
How many times have we tried to succumb to their story
It is so, I'm sorry
How many times are they going to explain their crimes
How many times have we let them fill our eyes with ashes
To them we're just masses

Maybe I'm wrong but I don't believe in fate
I believe we make are own even if it seems in vain to try changing the world
Can we stay strong when everything becomes in vague
Loosing meaning loosing shape
Are we fighting or just drifting along

How many times are we going to sing along their song
How many times are we going to hear them repeat their story
They're not even sorry
How much more proof do we need to see the truth more clearly
How much more pain do we need to suffer before we rise up
We need to wise up


from Crystal Dreamworld, released August 8, 2011




Eliethel Greece

"Forget me not in your dreams tonight
I'll be here in this Emerald Cityscape"

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