Puppeteer I

from by Eliethel



On the desert sand
the flakes of dune remain
Hands of doom and reign
exterminate the land
Cones of trees aside
the darkened veils unfold
The maiden arms of cold
beneath the sky collide

Dangerous of dreams
upon the brisk of dawn
As guilty as it seems
it’s nothing but a pawn
The real source of pain
is just a puppeteer
who lingers in the rain
to draw the foolish near

On the perished grave
the writing fades away
The token of a ray
for which the witches crave
Lurking in the night
to swallow in the pleasure
of finding all the treasure
that’s hidden out of sight


from Ding Dong, released April 25, 2011




Eliethel Greece

"Forget me not in your dreams tonight
I'll be here in this Emerald Cityscape"

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