Stupid Song

from by Eliethel



Talking it through
Seems to be going wrong
I get distracted
Just listening to the song
That keeps on playing
And I can’t hear no more
The things you’re saying
I’m somewhere long ago

You see me smile
Images in my brain
I may seem stupid
Maybe it’s cupid
Doing his tricks again
We’re not in the same place
We used to be back then
I want to hold you
You want to be my friend

It’s getting late
I must be going home
Don’t bother standing
Please understand me
I need to walk it off
I’ll be just fine
I have this stupid song
To keep me smiling
When shit like that go wrong


from Ding Dong, released April 25, 2011




Eliethel Greece

"Forget me not in your dreams tonight
I'll be here in this Emerald Cityscape"

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